Tipping the Staff

Our villas are staffed with at least a maid and a villa manager. Some villas more than one maid while others may also include a gardener, a pool guy, a butler and/or a chef.

All of the staff are here for YOU. They will work hard to take care of you during your vacation and make sure you have a good time – whether you see them or not. You may, for example, not see the gardener working at the villa, but rest assured that he is there making sure the grounds are well maintained.

Tipping the staff is at your discretion and you are always welcome to do so!

If you have been happy with the services provided by one or more of the staff, feel free to leave them a tip (preferably in cash) during or at the end of your stay.

WE GENERALLY RECOMMEND TIPPING BETWEEN US$ 10 – US$ 20 PER GUEST, PER DAY, which may be split equally between the staff members who have worked for you OR you may choose to leave a different amount for each person according to how you value their services.