House Bar

As an extra service and to make your stay in our villas even more convenient, we always set up a fully stocked House Bar in the villa with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, e.g. water, soft drinks, juice, beer, wine, and spirits.

Seeing that the Dominican Republic is an island destination, wine and alcohol is more expensive compared to in the U.S. or Europe. Furthermore, some specific and exclusive brands may not be available.

Any opened bottles (whether consumed or not) will be added to your final bill and charged upon checkout at cost price + 15% service fee.

Should you wish for the house Bar to be removed, please request this during your communication with your villa coordinator in order to make the necessary arrangements prior to your arrival.

Bartender service:

If you’re having a party or a special event and you need bartender, we do offer this service ($).


Prior to your arrival: Please book this service with your villa coordinator.

When you’re on the destination: Please book this service with your villa manager.