Palmera Villas Grocery Shopping Service

Grocery shopping

When you rent one of our vacation properties, we offer a personalized grocery shopping services to make your vacation. Grocery shopping in the Dominican Republic is not always as easy and convenient as it is in the U.S. or Europe where supermarkets have everything in one place.

We want you to enjoy your vacation and not waste hours on running to various supermarkets to get food. This is why we offer to do the work for you and to buy all of your groceries prior to your arrival.

We usually go shopping the day before or on the day of your arrival – depending on your arrival time. If you have already selected to have a chef cook for you during your vacation, you may select your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) from our set menu or have the chef decide the menu for you.

Our shopping list is derived from this menu and any other special requests you may have. Obviously, living on an island means that there will be some food and beverage items and certain brands that we just can’t get here. However, we will always try our best to accommodate any special requests concerning food and beverage preferences, dietary restrictions, food allergies, etc., provided that you let us know ahead of time.

When you arrive, you’ll find the kitchen fully stocked with your favorite food and beverages, and we will even set up a full bar with a wide selection of alcoholic beverages that you may consume throughout your vacation ($). If necessary, we will re-stock the bar during your stay.

For our grocery shopping and bar service, we only charge the cost of the groceries plus a 15% service fee. If you would like to inspect the receipts from the supermarket, we always keep them for you.

We do not give refunds or credits for any unused food & beverage items.

If you have a budget for your groceries, please advise us ahead of time in order for us to take this into our consideration.


Prior to your arrival: Please book and coordinate your grocery shopping with your villa coordinator.

When you’re on the destination: Please book and coordinate your grocery shopping with your villa manager.