Rent a Villa

If you see a villa that you would like to rent, please contact us by email or phone to see if it’s available for your desired travel dates.

Please note that if you’re looking at the villas on VRBO and checking the calendars for available dates, they may not always be accurate. For this reason, we urge you to contact us directly in order for us to give you the correct and most up to date information on our villas.

If the villa you’re interested in isn’t available for your travel dates (and if your dates are not flexible) we have access to many other villas and may very well be able to help you find something suitable.


Are you planning on traveling for New Year’s? Please keep in mind that the New Year’s week (from Dec. 26 -) is the busiest time of the year here in the Dominican Republic, and villas are often booked up to 1 year in advance!

So, if you know you’ll be traveling for the end of the year, we urge you to rent your villa as quickly as possible. If you’re waiting around to see if you’ll get a better deal on the price, it’s not going to be likely as ALL villas will rent out anyways. In this case, waiting until the last minute might mean that you won’t find anything available.


For any inquiries and bookings, please contact us or fill out the contact form below:

Anders Bogebjerg, owner
Cell & WhatsApp: +1 561 343 1005 (USA)