Invest in Paradise with IVI Club and get a return on your vacations!

IVI Club is a unique way for you to save money while vacationing better. IVI Club provides its shareholders the opportunity of world-class luxury vacations while making a return on your money spent. This is possible by offering shared ownership in a portfolio of amazing properties in the Dominican Republic.

With a small investment of US$ 50,000, you can become a shareholder and begin to enjoy all the benefits.

Model A – How people vacation now:

Average cost of a vacation home per night in the Caribbean: US$ 1,400*
Number of nights stayed: 7 nights
Total accommodations cost (US$ 1,400 x 7 nights): US$ 9,800

*Average rate for non-peak season in a 4-8 bedroom villa

Model B – How IVI Club shareholders vacation:

Cost of IVI Club vacation home per night in the Caribbean: US$ 200*
Number of nights stayed: 7 nights
IVI Club shareholder accommodations cost (US$ 200 x 7 nights): US$ 1,400

*Based on average nightly service fee costs for a 4-8 bedroom villa

Why not invest approximately the same amount of money it would take to go on 5 vacations a year (booking your accommodations like the above Model A), become an IVI Club shareholder, and receive all the benefits you deserve?


What is IVI Club? 

International Vacation Investment Club (IVI Club) is a high-end investment club, where the investors can use the properties owned by IVI Club in the Dominican Republic, or exchange through our partners at THIRDHOME. This gives our Shareholders access to over 6,000 luxury properties around the world.

Why IVI Club?

IVI Club was created to fill a need expressed by many invstors and travellers alike. IVI Club is an invstment and vacation club for the owners, by the owners.

No initial salaries will be paid to management for Phases 1 and 2 and no annual fees charged to the Shareholder.


What do you get as an investor/shareholder in IVI Club?

Specializing in the Dominican Republic, IVI Club will focus on acquiring properties with opportunities for large returns or developing new properties, initially in the Punta Cana area. These luxury properties will be acquired/built at below market value and will have a high rental and resale potential.

When you invest in IVI Club, you become an equity owner in high-end properties in the Dominican Republic, the #1 Caribbean vacation destination. You have the benefit of being able to use the properties for your own vacations, or if you don’t feel like traveling to the Dominican Republic, you can exchange your weeks through our partner THIRDHOME, and go ANYWHERE in the World. You can choose from over 6,000 properties WORLDWIDE.

As an IVI Club shareholder you will have access to our state of the art website, where you will have 100% transparency to view the properties the company owns, when the properties are available, complete financials of each property, the status of your account, and much more.


What is your future with IVI Club?

IVI Club intends to build a US$ 40+ million dollar real estate portfolio, which will provide worldwide vacation opportunities and investment returns to shareholders. IVI Club is expecting a return of 5-7% annually for shareholders plus amazing travel around the world! As a shareholder, you will receive annual dividends from the rental program as well as from re-sale of the properties.

Beauty lies in the simplicity!
We build & buy high-end properties.

We rent high-end properties.
We re-sell high-end properties at a premium.
Best of all, no annual membership or maintenance fees.
And we have a few great shareholder benefits along the way.


How can you find out more about IVI Club?

You can find more information about IVI Club on or by contacting

IVI Club Founder & CEO
Mr. Anders Bogebjerg
Cell: +1 809 780 6575

IVI Club CSO & Co-Founder
Mr. James Herrera
Cell: +1 809 880 3602

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to welcoming you to the IVI Club family!