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The reefs in front of Puntacana Resort & Club offer some of the best diving along the east coast of the Dominican Republic. These sites are both suitable for experienced and novice divers.

As some of the sites do have currents, there are a number of drift dives. Sites range in depth from 40 feet to 70 feet and have a wide variety of marine life with a good opportunity to see turtles, nurse sharks, barracuda, eagle rays, schools of fish and a variety of corals.

There are also 2 ship wrecks: The Patria, a 200 foot freighter sitting at 70 feet and The Enriquillo, a 100 foot coast guard cutter sitting at 60 feet. Both were sunk as artificial reefs.

If you are into photography, The Aquarium (natural reef), with a maximum depth of 35 feet, is excellent. You will find overhangs, swim throughs, schools of fish and the location of the Coral Nursery.

All dives are guided by a PADI professional in groups of no more than 6 divers. As the dive sites are between a 5 – 15 minute boat ride away, we normally run the dives as single tank, returning to the dive center to change tanks and for surface interval.

We offer the following types of dives:

Learning to Scuba Dive: For non-certified divers who would like to try scuba diving, we offer the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program. You will receive a short theory session, followed by around 45 minutes in the pool before going out on the ocean dive at The Aquarium.

Here you can experience a wonderful natural reef, full of fish and coral. The dive has a maximum depth of 35 feet. The program includes all required scuba equipment. This is not a scuba certification course, but the pool sessions and ocean dive can be credited towards scuba certification. Minimum age: 10 years old.

The Open Water Referral towards certification: This program includes 4 ocean dives with the first 2 dives at a depth no deeper than 40 feet. The 3rd and 4th dives will be at a maximum depth of 60 feet. The 4 dives are on ocean reefs with skill reviews taking around 15 minutes on each dive and with an additional 20-30 minutes scuba diving along the reef to enjoy the marine life.

These 4 dives are required to be completed on 2 separate days with a time frame of around 4 hours per day. The required time before flying after 2 consecutive days of diving is 24 hours. However, if you complete the program at the beginning of your vacation, you will have time for additional non-training dives, if required. The program includes all required scuba equipment. Minimum age: 10 years.

Single scuba diving trips/packages for certified divers: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 dives including tank, weights and all required scuba gear.

You can go diving on the same day as you arrive to Punta Cana, and you need to have 24 hours after your last dive before your departure.   

Please note that this is not a private excursion.


Duration: Approx. 45 min – 1 hour per dive, depending on air consumption. Typically, dives go out every 2 hours, so you could do 3-4 dives per day without any problem.

This excursion is available: Daily.

What is included:

  • Diving excursion with certified PADI instructor.
  • Tank, weights, suit and all required scuba gear.

What to wear and/or bring:

  • Wear comfortable clothes, bathing suit, beach sandals, sun lotion, beach towel, (under water) camera and money for souvenirs/food/beverages.


  • Children 10+ years old are welcome and must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

Prices – per person:

  • Discover Scuba Diving: US$ 140
  • Open Water Referral: US$350
  • 1 dive (for certified divers): US$ 80
  • 2 dives (for certified divers): US$ 140
  • 4 dives (for certified divers): US$ 265
  • 6 dives (for certified divers): US$ 375
  • 8 dives (for certified divers): US$ 470
  • 10 dives (for certified divers): US$ 550

Prices do not include gratuities.


  • Wire transfer/deposit to Group Palmera Inc.’s bank account with Chase
  • Check sent to Group Palmera Inc. in Atlanta (prior to arrival ONLY)
  • Credit card + 3.6% fee (only embossed cards)
  • PayPal + 3% fee

Change of reservation and/or cancellation:

  • Reservations can be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the excursion with a full refund.
  • Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the excursion are not eligible for any refunds, unless a for medical reasons AND a medical certificate is presented.
  • Reservations cancelled by the excursion company e.g. due to weather will be refunded.


  • If you suffer from any medical conditions or disabilities or if you are pregnant, please consult with your villa coordinator or villa manager before booking this excursion.
  • Prices and information are subject to change without prior notification!

Book this excursion with your villa coordinator or villa manager!