Villa Palma Vacation Rental Punta Cana Dominican Republic


Due to Covid-19 and the changes that the global pandemic demands when it comes to hygiene and safety measures, we are implementing the following cleaning protocols in all of our vacation rental properties:

Cleaning of the property:

  • Staff will complete a thorough cleaning & disinfecting of the property using high quality products before guests’ arrival.
  • Staff will disinfect surfaces and high touch points such as countertops, remote controls, door handles, light switches, etc., using Lysol / bleach. This will be done daily.

Protocols for staff:

  • Staff must wear face masks when present in the areas that the guests use.
  • Staff must wear gloves when serving the guests.
  • Staff must practice social distancing when present in the villa.

Available for our guests:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in the villa for guests to use.
  • An electronic thermometer will be available for staff and guests to check their temperatures.
  • Visible signs will be posted in bathrooms and kitchen to remind staff and guests to wash their hands.