A Luxurious Vacation at Villa Blanca in Punta Cana

A Luxurious Vacation at Villa Blanca in Punta Cana - www.palmeravillas.com

Our most recent guests at Villa Blanca in Punta Cana were a lovely group of 6 Canadians and 1 American. They rented the 6-bedroom villa for a week and said that they’d HIGHLY recommend Villa Blanca for a luxurious vacation. Read their review below:


Wendy L. wrote…
Stayed May 2018 / Submitted May 22, 2018:

Our group was thrilled with the accommodations and services offered at Villa Blanca! The villa itself is exquisite – elegantly and luxuriously furnished, with private suites. We really enjoyed having the Chef prepare delicious gourmet meals for us on most nights. We had a range of seafood, Italian and Dominican specialties – all were scrumptious. The location is terrific (in the Punta Cana Resort area, quiet and close to fine dining) and away from the noisy tourist areas.

The Villa Manager looked after all of our requirements, and the Staff on site took great care of us.

HIGHLY recommend this Villa for a luxurious vacation!


Villa Blanca is located at Puntacana Resort & Club in the Arrecife neighborhood, which is right on the La Cana golf course. As our guests wrote, it’s a terrific location as it’s quiet and away from the noisy tourist areas.

Staying in a vacation rental villa offers guests a completely different vacation experience where privacy, relaxation and personalized service are major key elements. And it’s a concept that’s growing in popularity. Over the past 4-5 years, more and more tourists are looking for “something else” when they travel to Punta Cana. Maybe they’ve been to this destination before and have already tried the all-inclusive experience and now they want to have a different kind of vacation experience. Of course, Punta Cana is still (and will probably always be) known for its large variety of all-inclusive resorts, but the market for vacation rental villas and apartments/condos have become extremely popular in the last few years.

And rightfully so.

Although the all-inclusive vacation experience is popular among tourists who travel to Punta Cana to enjoy a relaxing experience, it can also be a slightly stressful one. For starters, you’ll be staying on a very large property with potentially thousands of other guests (and staff) as all-inclusive resorts usually have several hundred rooms and some even have close to or more than 1000 rooms.

As a guest, your vacation days will be scheduled around the various “hours of operation” that the all-inclusive resort offers, e.g. you’ll have breakfast/lunch/dinner whenever these meals are available at the different restaurants that the resort offers.

And you’ll share… You’ll share the bar and lounges with everyone else, you’ll share the  pool with everyone else and you’ll wait in line here and there, etc. But, of course, all of this can be (and usually is) a lovely experience as you’ll also get to meet a lot of new people from all over the world.

But if you’re traveling with your family and/or close friends and just want to enjoy a private vacation exclusively in their company, you might not find much privacy or intimate spaces at an all-inclusive resort with 1000+ rooms and several thousand people, including other guests and staff.

If privacy is on your vacation wish list then renting a vacation rental can definitely be recommended. Here, you’ll have your own, private space where the only people you have to share the pool chairs with is your spouse, kids or friends, where you decide e.g. when breakfast is served and what to have for dinner. And if you stay at e.g. Villa Blanca, then all you have to do is let the staff know your wishes.

Guests renting Villa Blanca for their vacation will have an in-house staff of 3 persons, including a maid, a butler and a personal chef. Also, a villa manager is connected to the villa and will be available daily to take care of any special requests (e.g. reservations for restaurants, off-property excursions, golf tee times, spa treatments, etc.). Pre-arrival concierge services to help guests plan their vacation from A to Z is also automatically assigned as soon as guests book the villa, so everything can be arranged exactly according to the guests’ wishes before they arrive to Punta Cana.

For more information about Villa Blanca and to request prices & availability, please contact:

Anders Bogebjerg
Cell & WhatsApp: +1 809 780 6575

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