An Epic Friends & Family Vacation at Lake View Villa


Last week, we had a group of 16 friends & family staying at LAKE VIEW VILLA for a bachelor party / golf trip – and they said it was EPIC! Read their review below:

EPIC!!! * * * * *

Matthew G. wrote…
Stayed January 2018 / Submitted January 26, 2018:

A 4 night trip with 15 of my friends and family for a bachelor party/golf trip to the Lakeview Villa was simply not enough time, we are already planning our return trip ASAP. I did not expect that organizing a trip with this large of a group would be so easy. Helena & Bodil were outstanding and made sure everything was taken care of, explained and follow up on prior to our departure.

My friends thought I was some sort of expert trip planner, little did they know, I had the best coordinators taking care of us. I thought we were in pretty good hands before the trip…I had no idea it would get even better once we arrived and met the Lakeview Villa staff! From arrival to departure we were provided with the best private luxury experience hands down!

Chef Bertland’s meals were absolutely amazing, he catered to all of our needs, even as going as far as making sure we have extra lunch and dinner left over each for late night trips to the kitchen. The Sunday BBQ spread to watch the NFL playoff games was truly epic, the only time I will taste wings that good, is when I go back to Lakeview Villa to get some more of Chef Bertland’s food. The maids were extremely nice, made us feel very welcome and at ease. Jose, the villa manager was the trip MVP. Anything and everything we asked him for, was happily taken care of. He helped organize all of our tee times, and at a moments notice since it was hard to leave poolside in this luxurious villa.

Jose even went as far as reaching out to me after we checked out, later that night, to make sure everything went OK with the group getting back home safely. You can’t teach Jose’s customer service, he’s the best on the island!! epic views, epic food, epic service, do yourself a favor and book a trip asap to Lakeview Villa, you will NOT be disappointed.

Check out Lake View Villa HERE and contact Anders at to inquire about prices & availability.

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