Excursions Available In Punta Cana

Bavaro runners safari sugar cane and trapicheWhen you’ve booked your vacation villa and you’re planning your stay from A to Z with your personal villa coordinator, don’t forget to ask about excursions.

There are so many wonderful and exciting excursions available whether you’re staying in Punta Cana or Casa de Campo. We have some excursions uploaded on this page and will be working on uploading many more during this month…so, keep checking!

The last 2 excursions available that we’ve uploaded were:

Bavaro Runners

Caribbean VIP Safari

These are both full day (approx 8-9 hours) excursions and some of the best ways to really discover, explore and learn about the Dominican Republic – its history, culture, traditions, people, etc. Full day excursions always include beverages and lunch! You’ll also have the chance to take some local flavors and, of course, buy unique souvenirs that you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Caribbean VIP safari organic coffe and chocolate

We know that you’re most like only staying for a little while and you don’t want to take any precious time away from the villa, the pool or the beach…but if you wanted to do one full day excursion to get a better understanding of the destination you’re traveling to, we can definitely recommend that you do a “safari”. They’re not safaris like you’d normally think of when traveling to e.g. Africa, i.e. they’re not safaris where you’ll see lots of wild animals. Think of them as cultural safaris where you’ll get to learn and know so much more about the Dominican Republic.

Bavaro Runners guided tour

We hope you’ll go and have a lot of fun…

For more information about these or any other excursions, please contact your villa coordinator (prior to arrival) or your villa manager (on the destination).

And come back for more information – soon!

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