5 Eco-Friendly Travel Tips


It seems like news about the environment and climate change is all over the media these days. You may believe that climate change is real and be very concerned…or you may be more skeptical and not too worried.

Wherever you stand in the matter, you may still be able to practice a few environmentally friendly habits every now and then – at least to save money and help the local communities where you travel to and spend your vacation.

Here are 5 Eco-friendly travel tips for you to consider next time your going on vacation:

1. Support local vendors and small businesses. Buy your souvenirs from small businesses instead of big retail stores or supermarkets.

2. Carry a reusable bag when you go shopping to avoid plastic bags. The world is drowning in plastic bags, oceans are filling up and animals are eating them. It’s easy to avoid using them altogether.

3. Say NO to plastic straws and plastic cups – especially if you’re on the beach. Bring a stainless steel straw and a tumbler to use for all of your beverages. You will help save resources and avoid polluting …and your beverages will keep hot/cold longer.

4. Reuse your towels and have them washed once during your stay. You wouldn’t wash your towels every day at home, so why would you consider this when you’re on vacay?

5. Turn off the lights and a/c when you leave you room/villa. Electricity is crazy expensive in the Dominican Republic, so help save resources and money.

Take care and have a fantastic vacation!

Inspired by the blog “Eco Friendly Travel – What You Can Do To Help the Environment While You Travel.”

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