Boston Rapper Born & Quavo (Migos) film music video at Villa de los Sueños, Casa de Campo


The Boston rapper Born recently stayed at Casa de Campo, the Dominican Republic where he filmed his new single and video, “Hot Topic,” featuring Quavo from the hit hip hop group, Migos.

See the music video below.

The artist filmed an island-themed music video at the Villa de los Sueños, a Moroccan-style 6-bedroom luxury villa in Punta Aguila, Casa de Campo. The villa is owned by Robert Garcia, a celebrated hairstylist whose clients are among the most prominent socialites, actors, and sports figures in the USA. Robert Garcia owns a posh hair salon in Ft. Lauderdale and one in Altos de Chavon, Casa de Campo.

Villa de los Sueños is available as a vacation rental and managed exclusively by Palmera Villas.


Some scenes from the music video “Hot Topic” also show the artists on a nearby buggy excursion, riding through the lush jungle-like scenery of the Dominican Republic.


From Born’s YouTube page:

With “Hot Topic,” he’s a bit more on the low-key and chilled-out tip. And he embraces that relaxed vibe while sharing vocal duties with Quavo, who again proves he is the reigning king of the ad-lib game.

In the video for “Hot Topic,” the two are just as natural on screen as they are in the studio. With director Starlyn Javier capturing their exploits, Born and Quavo dive headfirst into extravagance during their time spent in the DR. This includes making their way through the tropical scenery, hanging with an abundance of attractive women (they being the song’s actual topic), and ballin’ out in a crazy-beautiful mansion.

Check out the villa where this music video was filmed:

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