Luxury U.S. Media Press Trip Cocktail at Villa Blanca & Dinner at Lake View Villa

At Villa Blanca.

Earlier this month Palmera Villas had the unique pleasure of hosting a group of US travel/luxury/lifestyle media to a cocktail party at Villa Blanca followed by a fantastic dinner at Lake View Villa.

The group was a mix of bloggers, photographers, journalists and representatives from the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Tourism. All had traveled to the Dominican Republic to explore the finer things that this destination has to offer.

The pool at Villa Blanca and view of the golf course.

Chef Junior had prepared a delicious variety of hors d’oeuvres at Villa Blanca for the group to enjoy while they toured the property and hung out by the pool.

Chef Beltran (the resident chef at Lake View Villa @beltran7377) served a spectacular 3-course dinner on the terrace at Lake View Villa and gave everyone a truly wonderful culinary experience! Lots of “ooohs”, “ahhhs” and “mmms” were heard around the dinner table and photos were taken in abundance.

Chef Beltran at Lake View Villa.
Preparing the 1st course at Lake View Villa.
Food art made from the heart by Chef Beltran at Lake View Villa.
Chef Beltran preparing the main course at Lake View Villa.
Dessert to die for by Chef Beltran at Lake View Villa.

We thank the DR Ministry of Tourism for letting Palmera Villas be included in the itinerary for this important press trip! Photos of the group’s trip can be seen on e.g. Instagram:


Photo credit: Nick Argires on behalf of

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