Best Dominican Republic Vacation Video

We recently came across this incredible video on Vimeo by Taylor Chien. The video was filmed in a private villa located at Puntacana Resort & Club.

If you don’t know WHY you should stay in a villa instead of in a 1000+ room resort, just take a look at this video and you’ll see why!

We don’t know Taylor Chien, but a huge congratulations must go out and thanks for making such a spectacular video from Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic.


From Taylor Chien’s Vimeo profile: My name is Taylor Chien and I am a director, DP, editor. I am 28 years old. You can check out some of my stuff on Imdb. Just a little about my background. I grew up playing with video cameras and making small projects with my family and friends. In High School, I entered one of my short films in a local video contest in which I ended up taking home several awards. After High School I attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, Ca. I studied for two out of the three years of which I had dropped out to go work for CBS. After two years with CBS I left and started my own online company in 2006. Hope you enjoy and hopefully one day I will have the opportunity to make larger budget action films.

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