We are eliminating the mandatory tip


IMG_9065If you’ve stayed in one of our villas before, you might have paid a mandatory tip of US$ 10 per guest, per day – to be divided equally among the staff in the villas.

After much careful thought and consideration, we have decided to eliminate the mandatory tip!

If you are arriving after April 1, 2016 you will no longer be required to pay a mandatory tip – this is NOT an early April Fool’s joke!

Instead, we kindly request that you leave a tip of gratuity to the staff in the villa (incl. villa manager, butler, maid, chef and gardener…) according to what you feel their services have been worth to you.

The amount of US$ 10 per guest, per day can still serve as a guideline if you are unsure of how much to leave and/or how to divide the monies among the staff who (hopefully) has taken extremely well care of you during your vacation.

Feel free to leave a gratuity in cash (USD or Dominican Pesos), but please note that USD coins are not accepted as they cannot be used, exchanged or deposited here in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you!

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