Chef’s table

Chef Junior Perez

Last week we were lucky to enjoy several incredible dinners (and breakfasts) at our new Lake View Villa. We had our partners and co-owners visiting us from Denmark and staying in the villa. Chef Junior was in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and dazzling us with his magic. He is such a wizard in the kitchen and quickly became one of our guest’s personal hero!

Junior doesn’t speak much English (yet – he is studying!), but he’s always friendly and greets people with a huge smile…even if he doesn’t understand a word that people are saying to him in English, he’s just smiles and laughs. It’s wonderful. His happy and positive energy spills into his cooking and you can’t help but feel it when you eat.

For our last dinner at Lake View Villa, we had a bit of everything. We were a party of 10 seated in the elegant dining room on white chairs at a large glass table…and we ate.

We had a few small starters consisting of a ceviche, grilled shrimp with thyme and tomato & mozzarella in pesto sauce with deep fried basil leaves.


Then we had a salad…but not just any salad. We had arucola salad in a parmesan cheese cup with a few slices of tomato and a balsamic glaze drizzled on top.


For main course, we had fish (grouper), chicken and beef (churrasco) served with baked potatoes and vegetables.


Finally for dessert we had chocolate covered grapes! Who would’ve have thought that it would taste so good?


Bon Apetit, indeed.

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