Culinary creations by Chef Junior

If you’re renting a villa through Palmera Villas that doesn’t already include a chef, we always offer you the possibility of hiring one for your vacation. A lot of our villa guests love the idea of not having to cook while on vacation (who wouldn’t?), and we can assure you that you’ll never go to bed hungry when one of our chefs is working in your kitchen!

Don’t worry about the grocery shopping either – we will do that for you ($) and we already have a menu set up that you may choose from or you can set up your own.

Our chefs are Dominican (with the exception of one) and love to cook a variety of local flavors as well as international dishes. One of our talented chefs is Junior Perez who is constantly serving up beautiful and delicious culinary creations that continue to amaze his hungry audience!


From top left to right: Grouper fish with steamed vegetables – Seafood ceviche – Melon wrapped in Serrano ham – fruit salad.

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